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Patient Kudos - PT After Knee Replacement

Posted on May 25 2017

After undergoing a left knee replacement in March of 2016, I began physical therapy with Dr. Emily Kelly at the Trails clinic. Dr. Emily challenged me to trust the healing process and gave me realistic exercises and stretches designed specifically for my injury and recovery.

As a result of Dr. Emily’s caring and professional tutelage, my surgeon told me during my five week initial check up (to see if everything was in place and working as it should) to come back in a year. That was unprecedented!

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To my amazement, I could get my leg totally flat, and was able to bend it backwards around 120+ degrees! In addition, Dr. Emily gave me tools, which enabled me to rise from a seated position using only my regained leg strength – no hands or lurching forward.

Team Approach to Care

Over the course of my treatment, Dr. Emily took some time off for maternity leave. During her absence, I was seen by other physical therapists on her team. My recovery continued with the same quality of care that I had become accustomed to, and that was a huge relief.

Holistic Approach to Care

The FPT team is adept at interviewing and evaluating to see what’s really going on and then making suggestions, if needed, for therapy modification.

Dr. Emily and the Fit Physical Therapy team always treat the “whole person”. Wherever possible, we worked on multiple body areas to improve my overall quality of life. In addition to the knee recovery, Dr. Emily (and her team) have helped me:

  • Increase my exercise endurance and walking distance
  • Improve balance and stability in walking
  • Streamline my slow, labored gait
  • Partner with a knowledgeable personal trainer at the rec center
  • Gain strength and mobility in other areas of my body

Advantages to Rec Center Clinics

One of the benefits of working with Fit Physical Therapy is that each clinic is conveniently located in a full-service community rec center. That means I can leave PT and head over to doing laps in the pool, circuit training in the weight room, or simply walking a couple miles on the treadmill.

Occasional Setbacks

Recovery can be an uphill battle. For example, the first time I ventured onto the leg strengthening machines, I somehow aggravated either a muscle or tendon on the outside of my replaced left knee. This set me back quite a bit. However, Dr. Emily and the Fit Physical Therapy team were there every step of the way, helping me regain my mobility (and confidence) once again.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to NEVER GIVE UP!

Thanks for reading this testimonial. I cannot imagine a more qualified, caring and professional team. If it’s “broken,” they can fix it. Fit Physical Therapy is a treasure and a gift.


-Ron H., Centennial

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