Fit Physical Therapy Customer Testimonials


What our patients say about us is more important than what we say...

"Great Physical Therapy. The therapist understands my individual needs and gives me great training sessions without causing me needless pain. Highly Recommend."

~ J. Danielson

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Have had my back pain for 5 years and now it is almost 100% gone."

~ Adam R.

"Excellent care and help for my Plantar Fasciitis. Rene's superb and very knowledgeable. She listens closely to perform the best care for recovery."

~ M. Apple

"Fit PT is the best care I have ever had. I love Rene and how she works with me. I love Aqua Therapy. Rene provides an awesome 1 on 1 experience monitoring movements and making sure I am doing my exercises properly. Would Recommend to anyone."

~ K. Kace

"I was very happy working with Rebecca as my physical therapist at Peak Wellness Center. When I first started, I think I was starting to slow down. I took a Parkinson's class twice a week and needed to work more on strength and training. It made me realize how important it is to keep up. Rebecca gave me a list of classes that I can take at the Peak Wellness Center. I started walking in water and it sure helps! Thank you for all your help, Rebecca."

~ Kathy Craven

"This is not the first time I have been a patient at this facility.  My first experience was three years ago after I had my total left shoulder replacement surgery. The Physical Therapy program that I received was great.  It allowed me to gain full strength of my left arm, of which I am very thankful.  The staff at this facility is very knowledgeable and professional in their respective field.  The therapist that worked with me then are: Christian Jones, Rebecca Dehne and Joan Higman.  The best part is that the same individuals are still there and that’s the reason that I am back there again after my total right shoulder replacement surgery.  Because I know that I will have the same results as before with my right shoulder.

They have gained another individual by the name of Drew Courtney who I am working with now. Drew has the same knowledge and professionalism as the rest of the staff.  I am very pleased so far with the results of his care.  I know that under his care along with Joan Higman that my right shoulder will be as good if not better than my left and that's all that I can ask for.  Having said all of this I can safely rate Drew and the rest of the staff along with Fit Physical a solid 5 Star rating."

 ~ Mike


"A NOTE OF THANKS AND APPRECIATION...I just finished Phase 1 of the rehab for my right knee replacement. With Emily still on maternity leave, I was treated most carefully and professionally by René Perez. I feel blessed with all of the folks at FitPT, both at the Trails location and the main office. I cannot imagine ever going elsewhere for physical therapy.

René was a joy. Her expansive knowledge of techniques and special "twists" was incredible. She is a wonderful asset to your staff. We had great conversations as well.

I don't want to slight Jamie West, who filled in for René one week. Jamie, as do René and Emily, embodies all the caring, compassionate skills that a patient could ask for. What a wonderful team you have!

Please pass along my sincere thanks to the owners, staff, and Trails therapists."

 ~ Mr. Hemler


"Dr. Emily Kelly has helped me rehab my replaced left knee. She is adept at interviewing and evaluating to see what’s really going on and then make suggestions, if needed, for therapy modification. Thanks to Dr. Kelly, I am strong, confident, and more mobile – all gifts that have improved my quality of life. I cannot imagine a more qualified, caring professional than Dr. Emily Kelly. If it’s “broken,” she can fix it. Emily Kelly is a treasure, and a wonderful ambassador for Fit Physical Therapy!!"

~ Ron H.


"Restored to Living" by Keith Demmon at Fit Physical Therapy.  That is my summary statement about the treatment  I received from Keith.  A longer version includes:  professional, thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, understanding, kind, gentle, persistent, and personal.  

I had two debilitating episodes for which I had not received answers or help other than what is not wrong.  His diagnostic perception went to the right issue and his work over periods of time got me back to walking and living a "normal" life.  He not only provided the right therapy, but gave me hope.
I knew Fit Physical from earlier and similar help by Patti Hutt.

~ Ron Flannery


I would like to commend Jaime West for the physical therapy I undertook with her this fall.  I had two issues:  recovery from knee surgery and recovery from a stroke I had shortly after the surgery.  Jaime helped greatly with both problems.  PT is not just a job with Jamie -- she has the skill and enthusiasm to come up with an individual plan of treatment, monitor progress, and achieve results that meet or exceed expectations.  Thank you, Jamie!             

~ Paul Bezdek

"Working with Christian Jones PT has certainly been a life-changing event in my life. He is knowledgeable, professional and never talked down to me, a retired 62 year old RN patient. Christian has successfully treated me for several uncomfortable conditions but I will always be grateful for his skill and success in treating a severe impingement on my right rotator cuff. We worked diligently requiring multiple weekly visits plus the exercise regime prescribed by Christian. He also manipulated my shoulder each visit.

Christian was supportive of my wish to have a non-surgical approach to treatment due to severe allergies to general anesthesia which is well documented. Working together on my treatment plan, we achieved a complete non-surgical recovery of my rotator cuff injury.

I was once again able to open a car door, put on a seat belt, and throw a ball to my puppy. (This is the short list)

Upon discharge from Fit Physical Therapy I was stronger than ever and today, several years later, I remain pain free and strong for my age.

Thank you Christian!!! You are the BEST!"

~ Patty Fandel, Interior Designer

I want to thank you for the excellent care you provide for me during my rehab. Patty and Trish were upbeat and enthusiastic. Having my therapy sessions at the YMCA allowed me to use the equipment with Patty's and Trish's guidance and expertise to get me back to an enjoyable and active lifestyle.

~ Jan Blatnik

I was first referred to Christian following spinal surgery which was at best, minimally successful. Any hope for resumption of normal activity seemed bleak. He has offered kindness, humor, and encouragement as well as stellar care and I can look to future years, which once held a poor prognosis, with a great deal of enthusiasm.

~ Norma Janse-Kok

Dear Mr. Jones:

      It feels so good to have the use of my shoulder again; a genuine improvement in my life. Thank you for the excellent rehabilitation care. I especially appreciated your hands-on approach, attentiveness to detail, sincere compassion and extraordinary skill as a Physical Therapist. Hands down, you gave me the best results I have ever experienced in a physical therapy setting.

     You were quite adept at introducing and transitioning Brian Anobile, the student physical therapist, into my care. It was so seamless it seemed as though Brian had been practicing as a physical therapist for many years.

If I ever need physical therapy again, my first choice will be you. I have already told my friends about you and will continue to refer them to you.

~ Beverly J. Day

Your physical therapist needs to work miracles to help get you back on track. Patty and Trish incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and years of practice to make those miracles happen! They use positive encouragement to motivate clients and know exactly how to achieve great results! My knee doctor, Douglas Straehley, recommended Fit Physical Therapy. My successes are because of their accurate methods and personal commitment. They truly wanted to see me succeed. Thanks so much!

~ Peggy Marvin

Dear Vicki, I wanted to give you an update on Tori's status and thank you for everything you did for her. After high school swim season we headed into track. I think that is where we left you last. She had a good year in track and had no pain in her knee. In May, summer swim club began and she has been swimming A LOT without any pain in her shoulder and she's even swimming butterfly again which is soooo nice to see. Thank you so much for everything you did to get her back to sport pain free. I know that she wasn't the best client in not always doing her homework (home exercises), but whatever you did, has kept her pain free in both her shoulder and her knee. You truly did wonders for her! Again, thanks for everything Vicki!

~ T.M.

I recently underwent surgery for a massive tear in the rotator cuff of my right shoulder. My surgeon wanted me to start physical therapy. I was recommended to Fit Physical Therapy from two other people and was not at all disappointed. I worked mainly with Christian Jones but also had an opportunity to work with Vicki and Joan. Their knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to work with my needs were exceptional. I was able to go back to work sooner than expected with much improved range of motion at my shoulder. Many Thanks!

~ Bill Hanrahan

     I came to Fit Physical Therapy with high hopes, but low expectations, due to my previous experiences with other physical therapy locations. I have a torn rotator cuff that may have ended up needing surgery. I unwittingly found an acupuncture doctor that helped relieve the pain in my shoulder sufficiently enough that I opted to give physical therapy another try to avoid surgery. My arm was stiff and very weak. I thought the best I could do would be to gain some strength in it. Luckily, I had the good fortune of finding Fit Physical Therapy.

     Because of the expert treatment and knowledge of the Fit PT Staff: Christian Jones and Brian Anobile, my range of motion and strength have both significantly improved. Another nice bonus is that my arm is starting to look normal, as it had atrophied quite a bit from not using it for a long time. I am writing because I am very grateful and pleased with the results with my shoulder. I'm not finished yet, but I can see I'm on the road to recovery – for life, thanks to Christian and Brian. As a last comment, I would like to say that these guys have made physical therapy fun as they are both very personable as well as professional! You guys are the best!

~ M. S.

The past year and a half has been tough and long. Once I knew the root of my problems with my shoulder, I was able to chart a new path. Post surgery found me at Fit Physical Therapy in Littleton. I could not have asked for greater care and rehab. To have my PT with me the full hour of my treatment made the biggest difference. Fit PT showed me the way and walked the path beside me. I am now back to work and have fitness habits that will stick with me for a lifetime. Thanks!

~ Lance Schul

I was struck with Bell's Palsy about a year ago. I had a very severe case which my neurologist said that I would most likely not recover. Having one half of my face totally paralyzed was frightful and my self esteem shot. No one really knows what causes Bell's palsy and there is no known cure. I did research on the condition and found that using electrical current to the face maybe helpful. I had dry needling done at Fit Physical for the back of my shoulder a few years ago and called them to see if anyone had worked with Bell's Palsy. I was informed that Joan had worked with the condition in the past. Joan did an incredible amount of research and started treating me. I have been going to Joan for about eleven months now. My face has improved so much I can hardly believe it. I'm not totally cured, but I don't think I would have shown the remarkable results without her. When I saw my neurologist after about 5 months she was very surprised and said, "You know I don't believe in non orthodox treatments, but continue to do what ever it is you are doing." Thank you Joan and Fit Physical for helping me feel human again.

~ Phyllis Murray

I have received several treatments using dry needling to reduce chronic neck and back pain. Using this treatment in conjunction with deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, and gentle pool exercises have made me feel so much better. I truly have noticed a tremendous difference in my ability to enjoy and "get back in the game of life". I highly recommend the expertise of the physical therapists at Fit Physical Therapy, especially Cathy Goodwine who was my primary PT.

~ Peggy Hammond

Dear Keith, Emily, and Brittany,

I want to thank you guys for taking care of me. I really appreciate your service. Thanks also for the courtesy call. I am doing much better thanks to you! Maybe one of these days I'll drop by, OK?


~ Ms. Alice Mestas

Dear Keith,

I just wanted to thank you for all your excellent work on my behalf. I have appreciated not only your expertise as a PT, but your "bedside manner" – warm and caring. You have a good way with people. I must admit that I have enjoyed my PT sessions, my leg and hip have felt much better, but I'm hoping that I don't have another injury or need your services anytime soon. But if so, I will be right back. As a member of the Denver Bike Club, SkiMeisters (400+ members that are 55 and older), a hiking group, and with taking multiple classes here at the rec center, I will highly recommend you to others as I believe you are a fantastic PT!


~ Betty Murphy